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$115,500 Awarded This Year in Scholarship Funds Through the Purdy-Games Memorial Scholarship

Seven 2022 RULH Graduates Awarded Purdy-Games Memorial Scholarship and Multiple Scholarship Renewals

Rachel Shepherd, Keara Fulton, McKenzie Burton, Maci Haitz, Brooke Whaley, Joseph Castle, and Olivia Dragoo are the 2022 winners of the Purdy-Games Memorial Scholarship, awarded annually to graduates of Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington High School.

A total of $50,000 has been awarded to these seven outstanding students for their academic achievements and for their future academic endeavors.

Four of 2021’s recipients were awarded with the scholarship renewal: Kadence Madison, Paula Hauke, Brittany Redden, and Kathryn Dugan. Two of 2020’s recipients were awarded with the scholarship renewal: Hana Schwierling and Jacob Castle. Three of 2019’s recipients were awarded with the scholarship renewal: Corey Germann, Shallyn Mussinan, and Maranda Thompson. The total scholarship amount awarded to the renewal recipients was $65,500.

Jay Purdy's goal with this scholarship was to assist young-adults in achieving their educational and career-related dreams. Over the last four years, since the Purdy-Games Memorial scholarship was founded, the scholarship has helped send many students to college and has awarded select RULH students a total of $332,000.

Scholarship winners were selected based on multiple criteria, including academic performance, and grade-point average, ACT score, extracurricular activities, employment history, financial need, and strength of a written essay.

Applications and requirement information for the Purdy-Games Memorial Scholarship are available here. Winners who continue to meet the requirements can renew the scholarship each year for a total of four years eligible.

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